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Conservative Star Tomi Lahren very Happy to be Getting under the Liberal’s Skin

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren appeared on Fox News’ Hannity expressing her pleasure at annoying the left and getting under their skin. Lahren is the host of “Tomi” on The Blaze TV, and said her main goal is to be honest in her work. Lahren discussed with Hannity how she developed her conservative viewpoint.

“I grew up watching this mainstream media and seeing a lot of the BS perpetuated by the mainstream media … and I wanted to combat that,” Lahren said. “So I started off at an early age, and we’re just getting started.”

Recently Tomi Lahren has seen an increase in personal attacks against her for being a conservative.

“In order for me to give respect to what they’re saying, I have to respect them,” Lahren said. “And when they’re on the internet trolling me, saying nasty, disgusting, vile things – which by the way is really a true testament to the unloving and intolerant left – I laugh it off.”

Lahren and Hannity first met during an afterparty at President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Hannity said he was surprised that Lahren had a deep right-leaning conviction for someone at such a young age.

“You’ve got to be honest. I think that political correctness is intellectual dishonesty,” she said during her Fox appearance. “And I don’t even know if I’m necessarily conservative. I’m honest, and that often lends itself to conservatism,” Lahren added before mocking the “farm team” (a baseball reference to second-class players) of the Democratic party, referring to Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, who both fumbled around with their words while criticizing Trump during a press conference on Tuesday.

Lahren has recently faced off against some highly popular liberals including Trevor Noah and will soon face off against Bill Maher. Tomi Lahren is excited more than nervous for these opportunities.

She learns more when she faces off against people with opposing views. Lahren’s future is unclear, but it’s pretty certain she will remain a strong voice within digital commentary. Lahren has spent the majority of her life within digital commentary. She gained notoriety for her commentary piece on the Chattanooga terrorist attack.


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