Hacker Seizes Control of 20 Percent of Dark Web

An Anonymous affiliated hacker took control of more than 20% of the dark web. The hack exposed more than 10,000 of the dark web’s secrets. The hack was initiated after the hacker discovered that the service was hosting child pornography websites.

The dark web hosts many of the internet’s most criminal websites, including those featuring child pornography, gun and drug sales, and assassins-for-hire. The hacker sent an email to Motherboard saying he originally just wanted to look through the sites but when he discovered the service was hosting child porn websites, he decided to take it down instead.

The hack, supposedly, wasn’t very complicated, and according the person responsible, this was their first attempt at hacking. In a message sent to Freedom Hosting II, he says this was his first hack ever. The hacker said that they were able to infiltrate the system with just read-only access as early as January 30.

The hacker released a dump of system files including information related to botnets, DDoS attacks, email addresses, usernames and passwords from dark web sites. It’s impossible to find out if this is a real Anonymous hack. The breach itself is genuine.

Sites on the dark web are often used for legitimate, even laudable, purposes, such as protecting political and social activists’ communications from opponents and repressive governments. According to research by King’s College London, 57 percent of darknet sites were able to access “illicit material.”

The largest categories were related to drugs, financial crimes, “extremism” and “illegitimate pornography,” they found. This is not the first-time vigilante hackers have taken the law into their own hands when it comes to sites hosting child pornography. The hacker collective known as Anonymous has mounted campaigns to track down abusers in the past, and other hackers have deleted links to such sites.


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