Senate Confirms Nikki Haley as Next UN Ambassador

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was confirmed to be the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.  Despite her lack of any formal diplomatic experience she won major support from Democrats with a vote of 96-4.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved her nomination prior to the full confirmation by the Senate. During her confirmation hearing, she aired disagreements with Trump on certain policy issues including Russia and NATO. She has also rejected the idea of a Muslim registry; which Trump has been vocal about throughout his campaign for president.

“Russia is trying to show their muscle right now. It’s what they do,” she said. She added: “I don’t think we can trust them. We have to continue to be very strong back, and show them what this new administration is going to be.”

Haley also aired her support for moving the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a move that has been criticized by Arab leaders, who say it could lead to violence in the region. Haley has become known for handling of the 2015 racially motivated shooting at the historic Charleston church and uniting the state together while tempers were flaring.

Senator Ben Cardin praised Haley for her support of continued U.S. funding to the United Nations, despite President Trump’s plans. Haley resigned from her post as Governor of South Carolina and handing over the reins to Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster.

Haley became the state’s first female and first minority governor in January 2011. She leaves office with two years remaining in her tenure. Nikki Haley will replace Samantha Power at the United Nations. Haley in November became the first woman and first minority to serve in the Trump Administration. Only a few Democrats opposed Haley’s appointment to the United Nations. Senator Chris Coons said her lack of experience concerned him.


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