We’ll Miss You/Good Riddance, First Fan.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Beats, Flicks, Life

ESPN’s MLK Day tribute to departing President Obama, dubbed ‘First Fan’ by the network that also dubbed Caitlyn Jenner ‘First Most Heroic’ for departing from her lady parts is a welcome tribute for all.

For Obamanites it will be a reminder of the ultimate pop culture president that was. Hip to Twitter (but not as hip as the incoming POTUS). More than willing to sacrifice his dignity as a dignitary to create a viral video. All around, a president perfectly suited for the selfie generation.

For Obama haters, it will be another welcome reminder that Obama’s polarizing, at times logic defying presidency is indeed on its last legs. While they miss using the monicker “golfer in chief”, they will not miss the bulging forehead vein that emerged with each report that the POTUS was setting off on Air Force One for yet another leisurely retreat on the links.

It’s undeniable…

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