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Minnesota mistreating its seniors

Nursing homes across the state of Minnesota have been discovered of mistreating their elderly patients. One nursing home that has been investigated in Minnesota is Bayshore Residence. That nursing home received six maltreatment complaints.

State investigators have also been cited for 32 “deficiencies.” State investigators have found that one resident had an increase in seizures, confusion, and falls, leading him to be hospitalized because of neglect by the staff not delivering the resident his medication.

The government is failing to take care of seniors. Those who have lived their lives and became seniors are responsible for building up the state of Minnesota. Some in the state have even fought and died protecting the freedoms of Minnesotans.

This is an issue that candidates running for governor need to address. Republican candidate Christopher Chamberlin is ready to help those who are being mistreated as they are the ones who have so many valuable lessons they can teach the those who are the future of America.

“Our children are our future they saw that they raised us we need to give back to them for the many great deeds and lessons they have provided us the wonderful guidance that our senior citizens have given not only us but the youth of today for,  by example and their perseverance through the most difficult times of our nation they have so many valuable lessons from proper management of your funds, standing up for your great nation,  “We should praise our senior citizens as they are a treasure of knowledge,” Chamberlin said.

Chamberlin is disgusted by the treatment that seniors are receiving in these nursing homes. As a candidate for governor of Minnesota, he is ready to fight for the rights of the seniors. He respects those seniors, who are a part of America’s greatest generation.

“Elders are to be respected and cared for not mistreated and neglected like so many of them are being subject to,” Chamberlin said, “One of the things that we need to address as a state, is the treatment of senior citizens,” “They raised us to be better than this, so now it’s time to treat them with the honor and dignity which they are very deserving of.”

Allegations of maltreatment across Minnesota has increased. Allegations within nursing homes went from 2,962 in 2010, to 11,630 in 2015. Maltreatment complaints in the category of home care and assisted living was from 407 to 4,143 — a more than tenfold increase. Some of these allegations may not call for an onsite visit by investigators, it still shows that there is a lot to be fixed, in order to provide proper care for Minnesota’s seniors.



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