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Trump continues to fight with intelligence community

President-elect Donald Trump has begun a fight with the intelligence community, that could spill into his presidency. Trump has raised doubts about U.S. intelligence, citing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Trump elicited alarm after he tweeted disparagingly about a classified briefing he is due to receive this week.

Assange has been seen as a partner with Russia in fighting the West. Assange recently appeared on Sean Hannity’s show. A senior Democratic Senate aide tells Right Turn: “In less than 24 hours, Mr. Trump has disparaged the intelligence community twice by misleadingly saying that his upcoming briefing was postponed, and then citing Julian Assange’s statements as fact. It’s so dangerous and the American people better wake up to what’s happening.”

President-elect Trump is not the first president to fight back against the intelligence community. President Richard Nixon often questioned the CIA and its analysis. Yet the community lived to fight another day.

Donald Trump has fired back against the intelligence community and brought up the intelligence failure of the Iraq WMD claims. Trump’s staff brought back that event to life in an attempt to back claims that Russia was helping Trump win the election.

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