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Donald Trump’s claims of ‘illegal voters’ backs Jill Stein’s recount

While condemning the recount spearheaded by Jill Stein, Donald Trump has now alleged voter fraud, which could actually support the effort. Despite winning the election, Donald Trump has now alleged voter fraud, which he says cost him the popular vote.

This sudden outburst comes as Green Party candidate Jill Stein announced that she would seek a recount in Wisconsin. Trump criticized Stein for the recount effort, calling it a scam, saying she was just trying to line her pockets. The White House denied that there has been any type of voter fraud, while the Clinton camp confirmed that they would join Stein and take part in the recount effort. Trump fired back against Clinton’s participation in the recount.

Yet Trump’s recent tweet may actually support the recount saying he would have won the popular vote “if you didn’t include the people who voted illegally.” Trump also cried foul, saying there was voter fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire and California.

Trump’s claims come without any proof, giving the impression he is still angry over losing the popular vote despite still winning the election.

Reince Priebus, Trump’s Chief of Staff slammed the recount effort during an appearance on Fox News.

“It is a total and complete hypocritical joke that the group of people that thought that they were nervous about President-elect Trump not conceding are the people that are conducting recounts in states where we won by over 68,000 votes,”

Donald Trump’s claims may be based upon numerous “fake news” articles that allege voter fraud in states such as Wisconsin and Virginia.

The latest maneuvers by both sides suggest the election has not mended the deep divisions in the country. Although there is little chance a recount will overturn Trump’s victory, it does suggest tensions will continue to simmer.

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