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Election 2016 – Live Coverage

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Election Day has finally arrived, people are lining making the decision as to which direction America should go. Should America be focused on job creation with Donald Trump as president or should America continue to build upon Obamacare and the policies of President Obama, with Hillary Clinton as president, as some would view a Clinton presidency?

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are holding up in New York, the first time two presidential candidates have been in the same city awaiting election results.

Polling numbers have been all over the place over the past few months. However, some Trump supporters don’t trust the polls, even saying they are rigged.

Male voters in Florida appear to be leaning towards Donald Trump, because of a lack of trust in Hillary Clinton.

As polls begin to close the question remains, who will become the 45th President of the United States?

Politico may be wrong this go around as Trump and Clinton are battling it out in Florida.

Throughout the evening, Donald Trump began to sweep the East Coast states along with some of the southern states, while Clinton managed to clean house in the northeastern region. However, Florida continues to be to close to call.

While America is focused on the presidency, control of the House and Senate were up to grabs. One America News first announced that the GOP would keep control of the House, while the Senate appears to be coin-toss.


Several key lawmakers won reelection including Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator John McCain and Florida’s own Senator Marco Rubio, keeping control of the Senate in the Republican’s hands.

It took hours for news organizations to declare a winner in key states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan.

After a strung out wait, Donald Trump picked up Pennsylvania and Michigian. While Trump was slowly cleaning house, Hillary Clinton managed to reclaim Virginia in a close battle, ensuring that her running mate’s state would stay Democrat.

In a surprise move, the American people have spoken and told the country they want real estate mogul Donald Trump as their next president. Despite America’s hesitance shown through polling taken before election day, Tampa native Jeff Williams says he supports a Trump presidency over Clinton.

“Donald Trump is a business man and can make deals that favor America with foreign governments,” Williams said.

While the vote count shows Donald Trump as the 45th president, there are those who are dissapointed in the results. Hillary Clinton conceded the election early Wednesday morning, after news outlets finally declared that Trump won Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Now that all votes have been counted, president-elect Donald Trump will now be sworn-in as President of the United States on January 20, 2017. With the election wrapped up, I will never forget how much fun I had on the campaign trail throughout the state of Florida.


MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt and myself comparing notes at Hillary Clinton and posing for a photo during Clinton campaign rally at USF on September 6, 2016.


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