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Trump Slowly Winning Back Millennials

Hillary Clinton’s recent revive of emailgate has narrowed her lead over Donald Trump among millennials, just weeks before the presidential election. Clinton still leads significantly among millennials, according to the latest USA Today poll. In the last few weeks, Clinton’s lead support from millennials has dropped six points, from 68% to 62%.

Clinton has had strong support from millennials for most of the campaign. She has won over their support through the endorsements of Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama, who millennials see as the most important sponsors of the Clinton campaign. Millennial voters who previously backed Sanders say they thought it was important that he had endorsed Clinton. While Sanders fought hard during the early days of the campaign season, against Clinton, he has been active in making sure people do not vote for Donald Trump.


Mr. Trump has only gained the support of only 21% of millennial voters and his endorsements have failed to make an impact. According to USA Today, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is “very important” to only 10% of millennials. Despite recent Clinton controversies, she still has strong support from young black and Latino voters. Only 6% of black millennials support Trump, while only 19% of Latino millennials support Trump. After speaking with Kristen Anderson she explained the issue millennials are facing.

Millennials are disaffected with both parties—Trump is disliked and Hillary is not beloved. They feel like they were only targeted by Bernie Sanders.”

Clinton also has very strong report from whites. Clinton’s support has fallen as one-third of voters are less likely to support the former secretary of state because of the FBI’s recent announcement. Clinton’s lead in Florida has fallen, causing it to become an “in play” state, while Real Clear Politics shows Trump leading by four points.

Clinton’s strong support among millennials is divided when you look at gender. According to Rock the Vote, millennial men are more likely to support Clinton than millennial females. (56% to 43%) When compared to their parents, millennials are more likely to support her than their elders.

Despite Trump winning back some millennial voters, he faces strong competition from Republican and “Never Trump” leader Evan McMullin. McMullin is the Independent party candidate, who is expected to steal Utah away from Donald Trump on election day.


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  1. Please don’t act like there is a level playing field out there for Republicans. The Democrats have been every institution brainwashing people for about 70 years now. The older folks didn’t get the full effect of the brainwashing and so some of them at least, still know a little about freedom. The poor millennials don’t have a chance. They have been taught next to nothing in school, except political correctness. Their test scores prove it.


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