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Republican Party Failing To Woo Millennial Voters


Photo Belongs To: Lawrence Lease

Millennials have seen Republicans as close-minded, old fashioned and not tech savvy. The world is changing and the politicians have failed to keep up. Millennials are moving toward living in densely populated area and away from rural areas. Their political impact is just beginning to be felt. The millennials have not exercised their political weight, because some of them are not old enough to vote.

“It’s no secret that the GOP has a hard time winning over the millennial generation — the newest voters in the electorate — and that this has made it increasingly hard for Republicans to win elections.” – Kristen Soltis Anderson via phone interview

Republicans don’t need to change everything  they believe in but figure out how policy and overall principles can be applied to 21st Century problems such as Uber. The private sector came in and solved a transportation problem. Public transportation across the country was failing. The market solved the problem by providing better services with efficiency.

In a phone interview, Fox News pundit Jesse Waters explains the GOP failure: “In order for the GOP to win millennials, they need to reach millennials through all platforms not just television. Campaigns spend majority of their funds on television advertising. However, millennials are not getting their news from television but rather digital sources.”

Republicans should not talk about shrinking big government, because millennials don’t know what it really means. Shrinking government is not an end in itself. Millennials need to focus on the tools that exist that millennials are using every day.

Openings for the GOP to reach millennials:

  • Candy Crush: candy crush offers advertising. You have their attention and captive audience., why no use it.
  • Education: Don’t just focus on debt management policy but work towards disrupting the status quo of what higher-education is and allow people to get schools in any way they can.
  • Snapchat: They can use this social media tool by showing you are funny, authentic and not the monster the media projects the Republicans as.
  • Justice reform: Republicans must show that they understand that we have not achieved racial equality and that we must do more to make sure we’re allowing equality to occur.
  • Marriage Equality: Republicans must accept that the Supreme Court is the law of the land and now must look at how to be respectable.

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