Koch Brothers Refuse To Support Donald Trump

The decision by conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch not to donate to Donald Trump shows the continued battle Trump faces in winning over key donors. Although Trump has succeeded in mending at least some of the internal strife in the GOP, the financing deficit remains a serious issue for the Republican nominee.

Conservative donors Charles and David Koch announced during their annual weekend retreat with top donors and supporters that they will not donate to the Trump campaign and encouraged their donors to follow their lead. Their attorney, Tim Busch, released a statement explaining the decision, saying “They (Koch Brothers) have been at this for 50 years. It’s a crisis today and it’s going to be a crisis in four years. If they did (contribute to Trump) they would compromise their values and they would never be able to hold any politician accountable.”

Charles and David Koch have made large financial contributions to libertarian and conservative think-tanks and campaigns in the past. Through 2010, the have donated more than $100 million to free-market organizations, and they spent $400 million on the 2012 election. The Koch donor network includes more than a thousand employees in 38 states. Moreover, the Koch brothers are often seen as thought leaders in the libertarian and conservative world, whose aggressive support for candidates has won both positive and negative press coverage. Read more at Communities Digital News


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