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Republicans Praise Trump’s Pick for VP

Donald Trump tweeted on Friday that he has picked Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to round out his ticket. Trump will hold a press conference on Saturday introducing the popular governor to the public; however, he needed to announce as the deadline for Pence’s running for Indiana governor was today.

Trump’s decision to pick Pence also played to Trump’s desire to pick someone who has political experience and could help get bills through Congress.

Pence served more than 12 years in the House before becoming Indiana’s governor in 2012. He has become popular with religious conservatives and spent years opposing immigration amnesty and increased government spending.

Former 2016 rival Marco Rubio sent out a tweet calling Pence a “great pick.” and saying Pence is “rock solid.” Sen. Dan Coats, a fellow Republican from Indiana, also expressed enthusiasm. “Mike Pence is a great choice and will make an excellent vice president,” he tweeted.

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, who has been openly critical of Trump, said Pence is the best choice Donald Trump has made so far. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has endorsed Trump, told the Dallas Morning News that Pence is a “great choice” and that he looks forward to “enthusiastically supporting the ticket.”

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  1. Party faithful would have to praise anybody the candidate names. Playing the game means putting a positive spin on the team. Of course, the narrative changes as once the scoreboard starts running. This is one event where building for next season just doesn’t work.


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