Bernie Sanders Will Vote Clinton

WASHINGTON, June 25, 2016 – Bernie Sanders has told the media he will vote for Hillary Clinton, despite refusing to drop out of the 2016 race. However Sanders says he is staying in the race to ensure Donald Trump does not become the next president,  The connection between Sanders staying in and Trump losing is not clear.

While Sanders cannot win the nomination with Clinton having the majority with 2,811 delegates, he is successfully bringing more than 1,000 delegates to the Democratic convention, in hopes of reenergizing the party and bringing in new blood and have a party that represents the working people, who favor a minimum-wage increase.

His promise to vote Clinton sheds light on reports that the Sanders campaign is truly doomed. Political insiders say a divide within the Sanders camp, has some encouraging the Senator to stay in the race, while others encouraging the Senator to drop out and show party unity.

Sanders obviously enjoys the limelight and wants to be on Clinton’s good side, hence the promise to vote for her, however as long as he is a candidate he cannot “support” her. Clinton’s low favorability ratings mean that Sanders voters will vote Trump over Clinton without Sanders’ endorsement.  Sanders is not ready to endorse the presumptive nominee until he receives assurances that Clinton accepts his platform including a $15 minimum wage and free college. Continue reading at Communities Digital News


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