Trump Campaign Fires Top Aide Corey Lewandowski

The Trump presidential campaign has fired Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager. Lewandowski had been on the “hot seat” multiple times in recent months, following his confrontation with former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.

This shake up signals the Trump campaign’s acknowledgement that an overhaul is needed ahead of the general election.

Trump has suffered major setbacks since becoming the GOP’s presumptive nominee last month. He’s come under intense criticism from party leaders, major donors and rank-and-file Republicans for an array of issues—including his response to the terrorist attack in Orlando that killed 49 people.

Lewandowski told CNN that he has no idea why he was fired by the campaign.

Trump’s children worried that Lewandowski presented multiple problems for Trump. They saw him as a drag on the campaign, fearing that he would scare off experienced, veteran strategists interested in joining the campaign. Trump’s failure to tone down his rhetoric heading into the general election is a major issue that has been tied to Lewandowski’s role as campaign manager and his mantra, “let Trump be Trump.”
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One thought on “Trump Campaign Fires Top Aide Corey Lewandowski

  1. With politics in our face 24/7 ,people will start to tune out, switch off and turn their backs on the continuing tsunami of political content.

    Enough is enough. Aaarrrgghh

    I don’t know about other people, but I’m starting to feel a bit like I’m in the middle of a situation as depicted in this youtube cartoon . . . .



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