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David French not running for President

Iraqi war Veteran and National Review writer David French announced that he will not run as an Independent. French wrote on the National Review’s website that he opposes both the Democrat and Republican front-runners.

French noted that the best success for an Independent was if they were extraordinarly wealth or has access to extraordinary wealth. Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol was nudging French to run as an independent. French was running out of time to mount a serious campaign, filing deadlines were looming and would have had to deal with legal battles if major states initial deadlines were missed.

As I’ve written many times before, nations are built on virtue — and courage is indispensable,” “But there is also prudence, and it was simply not prudent for me to take on this task. I remain against Trump and against Hillary, but I will do all I can where I am.”

I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve my country, and I thank God for the successes I’ve had as a lawyer and a writer, but it is plain to me that I’m not the right person for this effort,” French wrote.

French stated in his op-ed that he does not see himself as the person to take on the 2016 race but thinks others could run and win, including Mitt Romney. French was the candidate that the #NeverTrump movement had hung their hopes on to defeat Trump in the General Election. French also wrote this is the first time in history that “both parties failed so spectacularly, producing two dishonest, deceitful candidates who should be disqualified from running for town council, much less leader of the free world.”


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