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Are you responsible for TSA fiasco?

WASHINGTON, June 1, 2016 — The summer travel season puts millions of additional travelers in airline seats. This year, the security lines required to get to those seats are longer than ever.

Since its creation, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been blamed for making air travel a miserable experience. The ritual of removing shoes, belts and jackets, putting laptop computers in their own bin and shampoo and toothpaste in a plastic bag, and standing with arms raised for a “nude” scan treats the traveling public like prison-camp inmates. Look the wrong way and expect to receive a more hands-on inspection and a potential ban from flying.

This year thousands of people can add missed flights to the list of indignities. The TSA routinely puts the blame for security-line woes on passengers (they take too much carry-on luggage) and Congress (it doesn’t appropriate enough money or pay screeners well enough). The TSA is not entirely wrong, either.

Most travelers know the TSA’s restrictions and regulations. But there is always someone at a checkpoint who realizes he has a knife in his bag and plays dumb. “I didn’t know we couldn’t bring that on the plane,” or “where am I supposed to put it if I can’t bring it with me?” Travelers could make the lines shorter if they just followed the rules before they got to the airport. Continue reading at CDN


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