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Marco Rubio turns heads and endorses Donald Trump

Marco Rubio spent months criticizing and slamming Donald Trump during the early innnings of the 2016 campaign season. Now, Sen. Rubio has changed his tune and announced publicly he is endorsing Donald Trump.

Rubio’s sudden change of heart is striking, particularly after the pointed insults he directed at Trump just prior to the crucial Florida primary. Rubio called Donald Trump a con man and worse. But now he is saying that Trump should be elected president.

Rubio says he plans to help Trump get elected and is willing to speak on Trump’s behalf at the Republican Convention. Republican pundits have criticized Rubio’s change of heart, including Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein. “For all of Rubio’s rhetoric about responsible leadership,” Klein opines, “he’s now willing to embrace a demagogue just because that demagogue has an ‘R’ next to his name. Trump, for all his faults, has managed to expose Rubio’s true character — and it is not pretty.”

Progressive radio host Mike Signorile called Rubio a “politician with no ideas, just a jumble of crap.” Despite his questionable change of heart, however, Rubio has always said he would support whomever Republican voters nominated, and says it’s time to move on even after the intense rivalry that arose between the two Republican candidates on the primary campaign trail. Continue reading at CDN


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