#NeverTrump and #DropOutHillary fighting for the White House

Social media plays a part in the election process, both in a positive and negative way. People in both political parties have started campaigns to fight the nomination system. Republicans who consider themselves strong conservatives have fought back against Donald Trump’s nomination with #NeverTrump; Democrats who no longer see Hillary Clinton as the right choice are fighting with #DropOutHillary

#DropOutHillary was trending on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, as left-wing users pushed back against the Democratic Party establishment. Users stressed that numerous polls have shown Sanders would beat Trump with a higher margin than Clinton, who could potentially lose to Trump.

Others also emphasized that Clinton does not do nearly as well among independents as Sanders, who often wins when independents can vote in the primary.  The Democratic race is actually closer than much of the punditry says it is. Clinton has 1,700 pledged delegates, or 55 percent of the total, while Sanders has 1,410, or 45 percent of the total. It would be mathematically impossible for Sanders to win with just pledged delegates, however, so he would have to earn additional support from superdelegates: unelected party elites who can support any candidate they like.

Others on the left call on Hillary to drop out simply in political and moral outrage at her corruption, inconsistency and historic right-wing stances. Republican supporters of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have fought against a Trump nomination by declaring “Never Trump.” Their #NeverTrump campaign has failed to stop him. Continue reading at CDN



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