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Idaho shooting suspect arrested in Washington D.C.

WASHINGTON, March 9, 2016 – 30-year-old Kyle Odom was arrested after throwing papers over the White House fence on Tuesday. Odom is also facing attempted murder charges, after he shot an Idaho pastor more than six times. Idaho police claim that flash drives were among the items thrown over the White House fence. Odom was tracked down via social media before he was arrested and is being held on an extradition warrant. The FBI was alerted to the possibility that Odom may be in the area shortly before he was arrested, Coeur d’Alene Police Chief Lee White in a press conference Tuesday night.

The incident occurred along the south fence around 8:30 p.m. The items were ruled non-hazardous after witnesses reported them as “suspicious.” Among the items tossed over the fence included a memorandum written by Odom. Odom says in the memorandum, sent to The Washington Post and other media organizations that he wrote a letter to President Obama because he is certain Obama knows about the Martian humanoids among us.

Odom, who has a history of mental illness, claims on the first page of his manifesto that he is “100% sane, 0% crazy.” He then explains that his life was ruined by an intelligent species from Mars whose technology is “millions of years” more advanced than ours and that the species has a breeding stock of humans whose offspring walk among us. Martians from Mars live deep in the Earth, he says.

Odom says he shot Remington after the pastor’s “true face” as a Martian briefly appeared while Remington was attempting to persuade Odom to become a pastor himself. “My last resort was to take actions to bring this to the public’s attention,” Odom says. “Just realize that I’m a good person, and that I am completely innocent. Also realize that the ‘people’ I killed are not what you think.”

Odom boarded a plane in Idaho on Monday with an outstanding warrant for attempted murder in the first degree and flew to the Washington, D.C. area, according to Coeur d’Alene Police. He was not armed when he was apprehended.



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