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Math and Global Terrorism

Never knew math could combat terrorism.

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For this week’s post I have decided to introduce you to a lesser known, yet fascinating, approach concerning solutions for combating global terrorism. In the last two decades, terrorists attacks and activities are undoubtedly on the rise and the question still remains; what are we, as a society, as a nation, or even as a worldwide force, able to do about this?

On December 14th, 2014, the BBC’s Discovery podcast titled “Can maths combat global terrorism?” featured Dr. Hannah Fry as she investigated how researchers are utilizing mathematic models in order to reveal hidden patterns among terror attacks.

The audio is available here:

For this post, the podcast with the script is available as a point of reference.

As a Mass Communications and mathematics major, this idea of applying math to the relevant global crisis’ is unique and mostly unheard of. The means by which we have tried to resolve the conflicts…

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