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My body, my run, my safety — so stop telling me to shut up about it

Great article from a great journalist and runner!

Runner's Breakfast

You’d never believe the hate mail I received when I wrote a story about catcalling for USA TODAY last August. Facebook comments called my thoughts “Overly sensitive PC garbage,” “insecure” and “brainless.” One asked, “Can idiots in this country be any more sensitive? Generation of wusses, looking for something to be upset about!

One woman even wrote: “I’m past the age where I receive cat calls or ‘wolf whistles’ anymore, but when I was younger I just used to chuckle, whenever I did. They were always harmless. Just wait until they stop, DiBlasio.

I got these handy tips: “She is over reacting if she is so scared she should never run alone. & she should carry pepper spray. Change her running route so no one knows her routine. She will feel safe stop warring tight running suits. Baggy sweats are in order.” I didn’t feel the need to edit this…

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