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Rapper ‘Killer Mike’ kills it at Univ of South Florida

Michael Render gave an uncensored speech on systematic racism

Recent supporter of “self-proclaimed” socialist and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Killer Mike addressed the Tampa community at the University of South Florida, last Wednesday, focusing on the issues of social equality, systematic racism and police brutality. Michael Render who goes by the stage name of “Killer Mike” spoke to a sold-out crowd at USF’s Marshall Student Center’s Oval Theater. Render is well known for his activism on systematic racism and social equality. Render addressed the issues that plagued him growing up and continue to plague the country he loves. Render touched on the issue that Caucasians receive a free pass on several issues including traffic stops.

When asked about what he thought of the message that Render delivered, Jeff Alexander a junior from USF said, “I appreciate that Render is truly passionate about the issues that have stirred up anger in our country as well as in our own communities and now gives me the passion to change my community for the betterment of society.” While Render strongly focused on race relations he did give presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders for fighting for family values. He also spent part of his speech on the events of Ferguson saying that if local police have the ability to shoot at will, then local communities should be allowed to hold the police department in check should anything happen.

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