Germany warns of potential ISIS attack

Munich police warned of a “serious” imminent threat by ISIS suicide bombers, wanting to commit a terror attack on New Year’s Eve and requested people to stay away from the city’s main train station and a second train station in the Pasing neighborhood. Authorities on Thursday took to Facebook saying they had “serious information” that the attack had been planned for New Year’s Eve. Munich Police Chief Hubertus Andrä said the information indicated that five to seven suicide attackers were planning to strike Thursday night. The nature of the potential attack — bombs, firearms or some other means — wasn’t disclosed.

About 550 emergency personnel were on the streets overnight, and the two train stations should be reopened later in the morning if all remains quiet, police said at the news conference. High-profile attacks claimed by ISIS and other groups this have cast a shadow over New Year’s Eve gatherings around the world. A planned fireworks display in Brussels, Belgium, was canceled Wednesday night over fears of an attack.

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One thought on “Germany warns of potential ISIS attack

  1. How many Muslim immigrants are there in Europe? 20,30 million .Did the liberal politicians thought about Islamic Jihadism? Now they are facing the worst threat to Europe.


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