Police widen search for missing ‘affluenza’ teen

Texas authorities have increased their search for Ethan Couch after issuing an arrest warrant last week. Crouch known as the “affluenza teen” remains on the lam as police continue to search for him on Tuesday. Authorities have not yet pinpointed the location of Couch, who two years ago killed four people during a drunken driving crash, but they suspect his mother is helping to hide him.

On Monday, the Tarrant County, Texas, sheriff’s office announced that Tonya Couch has been listed as a missing person on nationwide databases and may be accompanying her fugitive son. The sheriff’s office released photos of Tonya Couch and a black Ford F-150 pickup truck that the pair might be using. A judge’s decision to give Ethan Couch probation instead of jail time was controversial at the time, and more so after a video this month appeared to show the teen playing a drinking game at a party.

Texas District Attorney Sharen Wilson said the person in the video certainly looked like him but without further investigation, the video itself did not prove he violated his probation. When Ethan Couch is apprehended, he could be sent to juvenile detention until he turns 19, in April.

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