Senator Cruz launches Christmas campaign tour

Latest campaign tour aims to win over Evangelicals

Senator Ted Cruz is spending the holidays campaigning across the country attempting to win over the evangelical vote. Cruz made a stop in Virginia on Saturday speaking on ending the persecution of religious liberty. Cruz’s holiday campaign trip took him through several Super Tuesday states where Evangelical voters could have an outsized impact on the GOP nominee. The “Take Off With Ted” tour’s itinerary included Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee Arkansas and Oklahoma — states where Evangelicals make up more than 70% of the Republican primary electorate, according to the Center for Politics. All of the rallies are Christmas themed, and like his event in Virginia, would include a Santa Claus impersonator who sat for pictures with young attendees.

After voting “no” on a sweeping budget bill in the Senate on Friday, Cruz traveled to a church in suburban Richmond, Va., then on to Georgia, to be followed by rallies in the next week in Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma. It is all part of a strategy to appeal to evangelicals and tea party members in areas where he is strong. Cruz now leads billionaire Donald Trump in Iowa in several polls and is rising in national polls as well, placing second to Trump. In Texas, Cruz is tied with Trump in the latest poll. Ken Cuccinelli, former attorney general of Virginia and an activist on social issues, endorsed Cruz Friday at the rally at Life Church in the Richmond area.


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