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ISIS has tech needed to forge passports

U.S. report warns of ISIS creating fake passports

Intelligence officials released a report to law enforcement on Friday warning that ISIS has access to passport printing machines and blank passport books. The source noted that, beyond the report, there’s concern that this capability coupled with ISIS access to government buildings in Syria that contain valid biographical data and fingerprint info on Syrian citizens give rise to the threat of identity theft. ICE officially issued the warning in the past few weeks which included a concern that is is possible that someone may have traveled to the United States using a fake passport.

Maine Independent Sen. Angus Kind told CNN’s Brianna Keilar Friday that the U.S. is moving toward developing passports with chips that have biometric data that cannot be faked. The 18-page report, circulated to law enforcement agencies across the nation, warns that a certain batch of Syrian passports – those issued since June 2014 from two regions under the Islamic State control, Deir- ez-Zour and Raqqa – are likely to be phonies, based on the fact one was bought on the black market in Turkey.

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