Vizio facing more lawsuits over data collecting abuse

Vizio, the company best known for its cheap TVs, is now facing a major lawsuit over their recently revealed data collection practices. And it doesn’t seem as if the controversy is going to blow over in a jiffy.

On the contrary, as first reported by Consumer Reports, it has boiled over into court. While that site only referred to a single lawsuit in its report, turns out the company is facing two different class action complaints. In both the lawsuits—filed two days apart in separate California courts last week—Cognitive Media Networks has been named as a co-defendant alongside the TV maker. Cognitive’s Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology is essential to Vizio’s ability to track users’ viewing habits, so much so that it acquired the San Francisco-based company earlier this year and renamed it Inscape Data Services.

The complaint, brought by Texas resident Whitney Keeter and California resident David Watts, comes less than one week after ProPublica reported that Vizio tracks television viewers by default, and then shares data with companies that send targeted ads to people’s phones, tablets and other devices.

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