VP Joe Biden stirs the 2016 pot by meeting with key union leader

Vice President Joe Biden spoke on Saturday with International Association of Fire Fighters President Harold Schaitberger, a major labor leader which now fuels speculation that Joe Biden may announce his bid for the White House. Biden and Schaitberger discussed strategy, infrastructure and fundraising. The IAFF represents nearly 300,000 firefighters and paramedics. Biden almost earned an endorsement from the IAFF in 2008 but lost to Chris Dodd because they felt the needed to support a Senator who worked on a landmark firefighters grant program.

Our members and our union would very likely provide support to him and his candidacy,” Schaitberger said.

The IAFF has not yet made an endorsement. The union believes it would likely have the support among members to endorse Biden should he get into the race. Schaitberger was left with the impression that Biden likely would run, and that the vice president is confident he can raise the funds needed for a campaign, the second source said. An IAFF endorsement would be a big boost out of the gate for Biden should he jump into the race. The powerful firefighters union notably declined to endorse Hillary Clinton’s campaign, informing her campaign manager Robby Mook in late September of the decision to refrain.

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