FBI identifies 2 men involved in Lockerbie bombing

U.S. officials on Thursday identified two more Libyans suspected of being involved in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland in 1988, which killed 270 people. United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Scotland’s top legal authority issued an international request to the Libyan government allowing the FBI to question the two suspects. The two suspects are suspected of being involved with Abdelbaset Ali Modmed Al Megrahi.

Megrahi was convicted by three Scottish judges and sentenced to life in prison but was later released in 2009 on the grounds he had been diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and only a few months to live. Libya agreed in 2003 to pay $2.7 billion in compensation to the families of the bombing victims, though Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi always remained cagey about admitting official Libyan involvement in the bombing.

Despite the chaos and continuing violence in Libya since Muammar Gaddafi was deposed in 2011, Scottish officials and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation have been pursuing other suspects in the bombing of flight Pan Am 103. The Crown Office would not name the two new suspects, but they are believed to be Abdullah al-Senussi, Gaddafi’s brother-in-law and former head of intelligence, who is now in a Libyan jail sentenced to death.

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