Hillary Clinton proposes $350 billion debt-free tuition plan

Hillary Clinton announced on Monday her “new college compact” which will enable more Americans to pay for college without becoming bogged down by debt that can prevent them from starting a business or even buying a home. This $350 billion dollar plan includes giving grants to states to make them partners in a pledge that no student should have to take out a loan to pay for tuition if attending a four-year public college in their state.

It would require students to help pay their way through school by contributing based on what they earn from 10 hours of work per week. And, echoing a plan already proposed by President Obama, students would be able to attend community college for free. Clinton discussed the plan, a litmus test of sorts for progressives, at a campaign stop Monday in New Hampshire. The plan, which would change the way a large swath of Americans pay for college, borrows ideas from the left and the right and even expands a program enacted by her husband. It includes ideas already being discussed in Congress and for which groundwork has been laid by the Obama administration. Clinton will continue offering additional proposals intended to help nontraditional students in Iowa later in the week.

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