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Donald Trump fires political adviser over racist Facebook posts

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign announced on Sunday that they fired political adviser Sam Nunberg after racially charged Facebook posts dating back to 2007 were uncovered on Friday. Donald Trump and some of his advisers faced a flurry of unflattering, racially charged stories just days before the real-estate mogul was set to take center stage at the first TV debate of the presidential primary cycle. Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski confirmed on CNN that Nunberg is no longer associated with the Donald J. Trump for president campaign.

Business Insider published a story detailing various items posted on Sam Nunberg’s personal Facebook page since 2007. Among them were messages in which he uses a racial epithet in reference to Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter as well as provocative comments about President Obama. Nunberg spoke to Business Insider saying he could not remember the posts and that he was shocked.

Lewandowski said that he oversees personnel decisions as campaign manager and promised a swift decision once he can verify whether or not Nunberg authored the posts. Nunberg, an associate of political strategist and former Richard Nixon aide Roger Stone, previously advised Trump in 2012, when Trump last considered running for president but ultimately bowed out and endorsed Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

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