Ebola vaccine trials very successful

World Health Organization pleased with vaccine trials

The World Health Organization said Friday that the Ebola vaccine has been 100% effective in trials conducted in Guniea. British medical journal Lanclet published preliminary results and analysis. Norway’s Foreign Minister called the vaccine the “silver bullet” against Ebola. The Ebola outbreak swept through West Africa killing more than 11,000 in Liberia, Guniea and Sierre Leone.

Ebola is one of a number of highly dangerous viruses known as hemorrhagic fevers. There are hopes the new vaccine may be a breakthrough in combating all such diseases. The vaccine, known as VSV-EBOV, was tested beginning in March on more than 4,000 people in Guinea who had come into close contact with the Ebola virus.

World Health Organization’s General Director Margaret Chan spoke to reporters saying this was a collaborated effort in development between scientists, doctors, donors and drug companies. More research is needed, but the results so far on this trial show 100% efficacy. It will take weeks at the least, and possibly a couple of months, for more supply to be made, according to Chan. The trials will now include 13 to 17-year-olds and possibly children from the age of 6, based on new evidence of the vaccine’s safety. The Guinea trial is being implemented by the Guinean authorities, the WHO, MSF and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, with support from a range of international and national organizations.

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