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Former Gov. Jim Gilmore announces his bid for the White House

Former Army officer Jim Gilmore announces his 2016 bid

Former Army intelligence officer Jim Gilmore announced on Thursday that he is running for President of the White House. He now becomes the 17th Republican presidential candidate. He made the announcement in an online video. Jim Gilmore previously served as Governor of Virginia. Gilmore filed the official paperwork with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday.

Gilmore was briefly a presidential candidate during the 2008 presidential campaign but dropped out in July of 2007, citing a lack of fundraising. A June 2007 NBC/WSJ poll saw him garnering the support of just one percent of Republican primary voters. Mr. Gilmore enters the race too late to compete for a spot in the Republican Party’s first presidential debate Jim Gilmore was governor from 1998 to 2002. He ran unsuccessfully in Virginia for an open Senate seat in 2007. He previously served as chairperson of the Republican National Committee. Gilmore hinted last month that he planned to launch a long-shot bid for the White House. He spoke to The Richmond Times-Dispatch saying that the existing candidates did not understand how to handle the international threats facing the United States and that he saw an opening. Gilmore explained why he’s running for President in an article posted at Breitbart.

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