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Airplane wreckage found possibly linked to missing Malaysian airlines flight

International investigators launched an air, land, and sea search near an island in the Indian Ocean on Thursday after discovering airplane debris that has become a “major lead” in the hunt for the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. Malaysia’s deputy transport minister on Thursday said it is “almost certain” that aircraft debris found off the coast of the Indian Ocean island of Reunion came from a Boeing 777 aircraft.

Boeing investigators examined photos of the fragment and believe it is from one of their 777s. It’s believed to be a piece of a flap from one of the wing sections. There is only one aircraft missing in the world right now – MH370. Local media also reported Thursday that the remains of a suitcase had also been found in the same area where the debris was recovered. Officials did not immediately comment on the reports. The debris will be shipped by French authorities to Toulouse for examination, he said in a statement. A Malaysian team is en route to the southern French city, while a second team is traveling to Reunion, he said. Reunion is a French territory. Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss on Thursday described the discovery as a “major lead” in the search for the Boeing 777-200ER.

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