ISIS the bigger threat than Al-Qaeda to America

During the Aspen Security Forum in Washington, FBI Director James Comey told the audience that ISIS now poses a bigger threat to American domestic security then Al-Qaeda. On Thursday he contributed the group’s ascent to its social media campaign through which militants use a hate filled message to convince troubled Americans to either join the fight in Syria and Iraq or launch lone-wolf attacks at home.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said the imminent threat comes from the possible smaller-scale attacks within the country, giving the recent shootings in Chattanooga. Comey also said Wednesday that investigators haven’t determined why Mohammad Abdulazeez carried out the shootings that killed four Marines and a sailor last week in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Johnson said the long-term effects could come from concerns that the terror organization, ISIS, will use the large portion of land it has obtained to train fighters and then send them to the West. The announcement comes after the Pentagon reported that Muhsin al Fadhli, a Kuwaiti-born jihadi and leader of the Khorasan Group, was killed earlier this month in a targeted strike. The strike happened July 8 while Fadhli was traveling to Sarmada. Syria.

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