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Congress slams Sec. John Kerry over Iran nuclear deal

Top Obama administration leaders strongly defended the nuclear deal recently reached with Iran. Secretary of State John Kerry testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday. Thursday’s hearing is the first public forum to review terms of an agreement struck by the P5+1 nations as well as being unanimously supported by the United Nations Security Council.

Kerry denied criticism from Republicans that the U.S. was “fleeced” and “bamboozled” in crafting the deal. His appearance was part of the Obama administration’s continued lobbying to build congressional support for the deal. Kerry characterized the deal as the best way to help stymie Iran’s nuclear program. Ahead of the hearing, Kerry and Muniz wrote an editorial for the Washington Post further underscoring the need for a nuclear deal with Iran. Senator Marco Rubio had an intense exchange with Secretary Kerry who said there is no alternative that you or anyone else has proposed” to stop a nuclear Iran. Rubio fired back saying he did propose an alternative. Kerry said any congressional effort to undermine the deal would send a message that America can’t be trusted in international negotiations after leading world powers universally signed off on the deal.

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