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Feds arrest four in connection to JPMorgan Chase data breach

Federal authorities announced on Tuesday that four people in Israel and Florida were arrested in suspicion of being connected to recent computer hacks of JPMorgan Chase and other financial institutions. The suspects in question were not tied to JPMorgan’s data breach in 2014, which compromised millions of personal accounts. Court documents show that some of the suspects are suspects in the hack. Department of Justice officials Tuesday arrested four men across Florida and Israel and charged five through one indictment and two criminal complaints. Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office declined to comment on the arrests. Last summer’s hack was intended to fuel a pump-and-dump stock scheme rather than an attempt to steal financial data from America’s largest bank. None of the five men have been charged with the theft of email addresses and other contact information from the bank or carrying out the hacking. A series of court filings unsealed by federal prosecutors in Manhattan did not mention the attack on JPMorgan’s vast network that went on for several months before it was discovered in late July. Rather, the court filings detailed charges involving a multiyear campaign to drive up the price of worthless penny stocks by pitching them to unsuspecting investors through millions of spam emails.

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