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Coalition airstrikes kill ISIS top songwriter

ISIS songwriter killed during coalition airstrikes 

ISIS supporters announced the death of Maher Meshaal. He is the chief singer and songwriter for the terror group. Activists confirmed on Wednesday that Meshaal was killed during airstrikes on Saturday. Meshaal is the author of several jihadi hymns which are regularly played as background music in combat and execution videos released by the islamic militant group.

“Saleel al-Sawarem” celebrates martyrdom by using lyrics such as “The banner has called us, to brighten the path of destiny, to wage war on the enemy, whosoever among us dies, in sacrifice for dfense, will enjoy eternity in paradise.” Reuters confirmed that U.S. lead coalition forces conducted 16 airstrikes targeting ISIS positions in Syria during the weekend.

Saudi news agencies say he previously worked as a chanter in Riyadh before moving to Syria where he met another chanter. His friend escaped after he realized that they were part of a terrorist group. He told the Saudi Gazette: Families are not keeping a close eye on their sons and they do not know what type of friends they have or what kinds of websites they browse.

Losing a composer of jihadi anthems, or nasheeds, could deal a not-insignificant blow to ISIS’s propaganda outfit, which is largely responsible for its great success in recruiting young Muslim men and women born and raised in the West.

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