ISIS kills another 25 captives in Palmyra

ISIS militants released a video on Saturday showing the execution of 25 captives in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. The video shows ISIS militants executing soldiers in an ancient amphitheater in Tadmur. SITE Intel Group confirmed the authenticity of the video. ISIS claimed the med were soliders captured during an attack on Homs. The killers’ age appears to be 13 or 14 but it remains unclear when the video was filmed.

The video begins with shots of the Quran followed by images showing what appears to be the aftermath of fighting, with bodies in the street. Then it shows captives, heads down and dressed in dark fatigues, as they are herded single-file onto the stage of an ancient arena. Throughout the video, the camera pans onto men sitting on the stone seats, some who are waving ISISflags, while others appear to be hiding their faces.

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