Bernie Sanders raises $15 million during first quarter filings

The Bernie Sanders campaign raised more than $15 million since April 30, spread out between 250,000 donors. The campaign made the announcement Saturday and reported that the Democrat presidential candidate received an average donation of $33 and 99% of donations were under $250. The Clinton campaign announced they hauled in nearly $45 million and that 91% of the donations received were under $100 but did not disclose the number of donors.

The campaign announced they will not release their full Federal Election Commission report on Thursday but said the report will come later this month. Sanders funding was received through online donations and rallies across the country, including one with attracted more than 10,000 people in Madison Wisconsin. The largest crowd for any presidential candidate’s event held so far this year. The Vermont senator openly does not favor fundraising and has appeared at less than a handful of in-person fundraisers. Sanders spoke to CNN, “We have (raised money) very, very differently than other campaigns,” “But I believe we will be able to raise, as will be indicated in this reporting period and in the future, enough money to run a winning campaign.”

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