Jeb Bush: mental healthcare reform answer to mass shootings

Jeb Bush fights back against calls for stricter gun laws

During a town hall event on Saturday, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush fought back against calls from President Obama and other liberal Democrats for stricter gun control laws following the mass shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Instead, he touted his record on guns as a way to balance public safety and Second Amendment rights. During his discussion he told the crowd that not a single one of the mass shootings in recent years would have been prevented by President Obama’s gun control ideas and that we need to be more focused on the role of mental health in gun violence.

Bush proudly touted his A+ rating with the National Rifle Association and called Florida a “freedom-loving state,” but also cited his efforts to combat crime through the “10-20-Life” law, a statute that he campaigned on and enacted as governor. The law which is still in effect in Florida issues a minimum 10-year sentence to anyone who pulls a gun while committing a crime, 20 years for pulling the trigger during a crime and 25 years to life for injuring or killing someone by firing a gun. He emphasized that he advertised the law in Spanish………

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