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Jeb Bush discusses Terri Schiavo and abortion at Faith and Freedom Coalition summit

Jeb Bush Reminds Conservatives That He ‘Stood’ With Terri Schiavo

Current Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush appeared at a conservative conference in the nation’s capital on Friday morning discussing his role in the controversial case of Terri Schiavo, reminding the audience his role during his time as governor of Florida. He told the folks at the Faith and Freedom Coalition that he is against the belief that when there is a conflict of ideas that people of faith must yield.

On Monday, Bush formally entered the 2016 presidential campaign. Many evangelical conservatives in the GOP believe that Bush is too moderate to be the party’s standard bearer. Bush appeared to be once again trying to assure these voters that he will fight for their interests. Bush intervened in the long fight over keeping Schiavo on life support ruling that Schiavo’s feeding tube should be reinstated, siding with pro-life advocates. The issue spent years traveling through the court system and became a political hot button both in Florida and nationally. He continued to explained how he stood beside Terri Schiavo and her parents who strongly attempted to pass measures preventing her husband from allowing her feeding tube to be removed. Doctors ruled that she was in a permanent vegetative state.

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