Donald Trump: ‘I’ve made up of my mind on 2016’

Reality TV star expected to join the GOP race for the White House

Donald Trump on Friday announced that he would announce on June 16 whether he would run for president. Trump discussed his intention of running during a phone call with MSNBC from Iowa. Trump is known within the political arena for questioning the president’s citizenship. Donald Trump’s announcement will take place at Trump Tower Atrium. He is now headed to early voting states Iowa and New Hampshire.

Trump shared his excitement of seeing strong poll numbers despite people not thinking he was running. The real estate mogul led the 2016 hopefuls in an early April poll, leading New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. In a national poll by Quinnipiac, 21% of Republicans said they would “definitely would not support” him in the Republican primary. Just 5% said they’d vote for Trump if the election were held today.

Trump considered a presidential bid in 2012 going as far as setting a announcement date but later bowed out in May 2011 and signed on to another season of hosting “The Apprentice.” Trump appears to be ready for a presidential race, he’s hired staff in key sates and has beeon on the campaign trails in Iowa and South Carolina. He recently turned down an offer of hosting The Apprentice too

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