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Pentagon starts investigation in mismanagement of Anthrax samples

Pentagon officials announced on Friday, the plan to launch an investigation into the mishandling of deadly anthrax samples following the news that several other infectious samples were inadvertently sent to a lab in Australia. Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work will lead the investigation according to Pentagon spokesman Steve Warren. Dugway officials reviewed its samples after it was discovered that some live anthrax had been sent to labs in the United States and at a base in South Korea. It found that a batch from 2008 contained live anthrax. A sample of that batch had been sent to Australia, and officials there were notified to test it.

The discovered sample in Australia was supposedly killed in 2008 and has now raised questions whether more labs than currently known have received potentially dangerous specimens that their scientists assume are safe to work with without protective gear. The military has ordered all of its labs that have previously received inactive anthrax samples to test them. In addition it is advising all labs to cease working with these samples until told otherwise. News of the live shipments were first reported on Wednesday , as officials said that the US had accidentally shipped live anthrax spores from Utah to labs in Texas, Maryland, Wisconsin, Delaware, New Jersey, Tennessee, New York, California and Virginia, as well as an air base in South Korea.


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