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MD Governor O’Malley announces bid for the White House

Former Governor Martin O’Malley announced on Satuday, that he is running for the White House, after leaving many anxiously awaiting his announcements for month. He hopes to upend the belief that Hillary Clinton is destined to be the Democrat nominee. O’Malley previously served as the Governor of Maryland as well as the mayor of Baltimore.

O’Malley made his announcement at Federal Hill Park, where he called for economic fairness and closing the gap between the rich and poor in America. The 52-year-old Democrat framed the election next year in dire economic terms, arguing that income inequality is making it harder for Americans to save for retirement and send children to college, that corporate interests are winning out over small businesses.

He also addressed the mass rioting in Baltimore, saying the death of Freddie Gray’s death was more about the reality of hopelessness in the city than race or policing. A small group of protesters tried to interrupt his speech, shouting remarks like “black lives matter” and blowing on whistles. As O’Malley discussed the problem of income inequality and concentration of wealth, one protester angrily yelled out: “You did that! It was you!” O’Malley took shots at his two biggest threats, fellow Democrat and Republican Jeb Bush, slamming them for saying they were too close to Wall Street to be advocates for the less fortunate in America.


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