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Ash Carter: Iraqi army shows ‘no will to fight’ in Ramadi

Defense Dept. slams Iraqi military over ISIS attacks

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter slammed the Iraqi military Sunday, in response to ISIS militants quick seize of Ramadi saying the Iraqi military had no will to fight. Carter’s comments are the first come from any White House official speaking on the record since the news broke of Ramadi falling to ISIS fighters. The U.S. rushed shipment of arms to help boost Iraqi forces as ISIS continues to take more territory on its march to Baghdad. Carter said Iraqi military forces outnumbered ISIS fighters in the provincial capital but eventually retreated; USA Today confirmed that Iraq military confirmed that they held a 10-to-1 advantage over their opponents.

Carter are now blaming the Iraqi military after questions are rising about President Obama’s administration’s approach in Iraq, which only includes air strikes against ISIS militants and training the Iraqi military. Carter emphasized that the White House has not committed any American group troops to the fight and there is no change in strategy. Pentagon officials have not recommended putting U.S. military spotters on the ground to help guide American airstrikes against Islamic State targets. He continued to blast the Iraqi military during his interview on CNN’s State of the Union


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