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FBI capture two California men attempting to join ISIS

ISIS continues to recruit Americans

FBI agents on Friday, arrested two Southern California men at Los Angeles International Airport, on terrorism related charges. They have been described as homegrown violent extremists and appeared in Federal court late Friday. Muhanad Badawi and Nader Elhuzayel, both 24 and of Anaheim, were nabbed by the Orange County Joint Terrorism Task Force, Elhuzayel at Los Angeles International Airport and Badawi in Orange County. The task force was mude up of officers from the FBI, Anaheim Police Department and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Federal agents in connection to the joint terrorism task force, served two search warrants in relation to the case.

Law enforcement officials assured the public that they were never in danger but the arrests were related to national security. The Orange County Register, citing Elhuzayel’s parents, said he was nabbed after they dropped him off to catch a flight to Israel to visit aunts and cousins in Palestine. It is not clear from these reports if the two individuals were in communication with each other and acting in concert, or if they were two entirely independent ISIS recruits picked up by the same joint task force investigation.

Several others have been arrested in recent months for attempting to travel to Syria to fight for the extremist group ISIS, including Somali-American men from Minnesota last month.


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