President Obama restricts military equipment sent to local police

Militarized police becoming a thing of the past

President Obama’s administration is gearing towards no longer providing military equipment including tanks and grenade launchers to local police across the country. This follows the backlash Ferguson police faced after deploying armored vehicles and clothed in camouflage, last year. President Obama made the announcement on Monday. The prohibitions are included in a new executive order President Barack Obama issued for federal agencies to review the equipment they provide to both local and state authorities. The agencies addressed include the Defense, Justice and Homeland Security departments help provide equipment to local police.

The banned equipment list includes armored vehicles, certain camouflage uniforms, bayonets, weapons and ammunition of .50 caliber or higher, grenade launchers and militarized aircraft. The executive order will create a “controlled equipment” list with tightened restrictions before federal agencies can send equipment to local police across the nation. This list includes riot control gear and drones. Local police are now required to provide detailed information so the government can properly track the equipment. They’ll also have to collect and retain data whenever such equipment is involved in a “significant incident” and make those data available to the federal government and, in some cases, the public. Local authorities can ignore Obama’s wishes and buy the equipment from private sellers.


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