Maryland State Attorney’s office charge six police officers with murder

Just a day after receiving Baltimore Police Department’s investigation report into the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore’s State Attorney announced that Freddie Gray’s death has been ruled a homicide and that six officers are facing charges in Gray’s death. State Attorney Mosby announced that arrest warrants for the officers involved were issued at 9:30 a.m. Baltimore time. Mosby blasted the six officers involved in Gray’s arrest during which he suffered a spinal injury that led to his death a week later.

State Attorney Mosby that the police had no basis for arresting Gray, who claim was armed with a switchblade and avoided eye contact. One officer involved was charged with second-degree murder, while others are facing manslaughter and assault charges. Mosby comes from several generations of law enforcement and has held the position as State Attorney for only four months. She emphasized that nobody is above the law. Baltimore’s medical examiner reported to have found the injury was caused when he slammed his head into the interior wall of the police transportation van and his head injury matched a bolt in the back of the van.


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