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Feds crafting race-obsessed Guidelines for NYPD

Future cadets of the New York Police Department will receive instruction on not being racist or sexist, at the recommendation of a federal monitor overseeing reforms stemming from a federal lawsuit against the police department’s stop-and-frisk policy. Peter Zimroth, a federal monitor overseeing reforms to cops’ stop-and-frisk tactics under a court order, asked Manhattan federal Judge Analisa Torres Monday to greenlight 140 pages of new training material – including power-point slides to the current class of cadets who will be graduating this June.

The recommended guidelines were filed Tuesday due to Manhattan federal Judge Shira Scheindlin’s 2013 ruling that found the city’s stop-and-frisk tactics unconstitutional. Stop-and-frisk is defined as the practice of stopping a person solely on suspicion of criminal wrongdoing. The person stopped is often subjected to aggressive questioning and a lengthy search of their person or vehicle. The practice has been frequently criticized for having a significant racial bias and being ineffective in reducing crime. Zimroth in a letter to Torres said the guidelines were developed with input from the NYPD and that they could be modified for future rookie classes. Read more at


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